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Forklift Maintenance Guide

Ultimate Forklift Maintenance Guide

Prioritizing forklift maintenance is a great way to reduce workplace injuries and improve profitability as there is a strong correlation between productivity, safety and the existence of a proper maintenance program. This is because well-maintained units operate more efficiently, suffer from less downtime and are unlikely to experience dangerous equipment failures. So, to help you get the most out of your equipment, we've prepared a comprehensive forklift maintenance guide:

Forklift Emissions Testing

Forklift Emissions Testing In The Niagara Region

In a properly tuned LPG engine the mixture of fuel and oxygen undergoes what's known as complete combustion to generate energy, water vapor and carbon dioxide gas. In practice, however, most LPG forklifts provide an imbalanced mixture of fuel and oxygen to the engine and produce additional by-products. As such, an improperly tuned LPG engine can pose both a health hazard, via the product of harmful exhaust gases, and place unnecessary strain on your budget.

How To Setup A Preventative Maintenance Program

How To Setup A Preventative Maintenance Program

It's well-established that utilizing a planned or preventative maintenance program can save you thousands per year, extend the lifespan of your equipment and reduce downtime. To help your business realize these savings benefits and benefits, as well as provide a simplified path forwards, we’ll review the key benefits and provide a basic guide on how to implement a planned maintenance program:

Getting the Most Out of Your Forklift Tires

Get the most out of your tires

The state of your forklift tires has an important impact on your business and bottom-line. As such, keeping your tires in good condition will increase you forklift's overall efficiency, improve productivity and even reduce operator fatigue. The question becomes: what should you do to maintain your forklift tires? Let's take a look:

Forklift Tire Guide

Forklift Tire Guide

Selecting the right tire for your needs and application, as well as keeping them properly maintained, is also a great way to maximize your return on investment. What follows is a comprehensive forklift tire guide including a breakdown of tire types, usage and application information.

Forklift Safety Mistakes

Forklift Safety Mistakes

Anyone who works with or around forklifts should be aware of the safety hazard posed by these machines. A properly operated forklift offers a safe and efficient tool for moving supplies, objects and materials in and around your facility. However, when used without the appropriate training and safety precautions, lift trucks pose a present and serious danger to everyone around them.