Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Operator Training

Our Forklift Operator Safety Awareness training courses are facilitated by certified trainers with over 20 years of experience who strive to make each course an interactive experience for both new and experienced operators, drawing from experience to encourage open discussion.


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forklift speed limits

How fast should forklifts travel?

Forklift Speed Limits

How fast should your forklift operators drive? Well, this topic isn't as straightforward as you might initially assume. Unlike automobiles, where speed limits are defined by law, there is no exact speed limit when it comes to forklifts.

forklift purchasing guide

Forklift Buying Guide

Thinking about purchasing a new forklift? If so, you’ve got to apply a rational, information-based approach to the entire endeavour. What might seem like a small oversight can result in years of frustration if you’re stuck with a unit that cannot effectively perform its function or regularly breaks down.

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With experience in forklifts, material handling equipment, agricultural and industrial machinery dating back to 1939, Lucas Liftruck Services has the skills, knowledge, and expertise to best service our customers and their machinery.

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